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In Search For A Better World

In Search For A Better World

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I’m wondering what we have come up to

A world with nobody to talk to

You don’t trust the man sharing your bus seat

Nightmares that raise your beat

The man did no bad to you

Just didn’t prove to you

Guilty until proven innocent

The stranger you call an immigrant

A child grows to be a killer

But learn from the caterpillar

You don’t know if it will live or die

Just let it live and don’t ask why

The right ones will always be butterflies

A stranger can have those beautiful eyes.

OK, don’t feed the poor with your filthy money

Feed your rusty pride because that’s more funny

Don’t take chances and don’t make friends you say?

One day the unknown will make you pay


A world with programmed minds of human

The so called totally acumen

The good in the bad has gone

The bad in the good has won

You don’t see the bright sun that shines

You don’t see the beautiful lines

All your programmed eyes see

Are the UV rays that curse thee

The demolished ruins in the news

All the negativity we choose

All that trends on Twitter and Facebook

Empty canvas and empty sketchbook

For its a program that learns from only mistakes

But life has lots of unbaked cakes

Building an invincible man are you?

For hell, you are making a long queue


A world where ‘terms and conditions apply’

Is more common than ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’

You good at something? You never do it for free

Never said the big mango tree

Where is the one who used to say

Be good and polite every single day?

Oh there she is, your mother that you forgot

What if she took a cent for everything she taught?


A world with skeptical minds

Full of questions of every kinds

You don’t accept a “Buy 2 Get 3”

Oh because they don’t specifically tell you it’s not free?

You say you never compromise

But don’t you ever realize?

For every question you make

Not every Facebook photo they upload is fake

If he’s a hypocrite you assume

Into his genuine proofs, why do “you” zoom?

Being rude and being true

Not a thin but a thick line we drew

A child questions the unknown

Only an adult questions the poor stone


“Everybody is so busy with the good XYZ that nobody noticed the bad ABC”

Such Facebook statuses flooding with negativity you see

Yes, I was busy with the good

But were you crying about the bad in the lonely wood?

Yes, you can watch a movie without updating status your

But hey “cool sarcastic dude”, that’s what Facebook was made for

Yes, girls watch football and cricket

And it’s not about the gender equality ticket

Yes, people like Justin Bieber and the others hated

Because they don’t like things based on how they are rated

For its cool to follow the cool isn’t it?

The more you curse, the more is your wit?


In a world where everybody wants to be somebody else, aren’t we?

Then why do you complain if you are not free?

You study for a job of 8 hours a day

You forfeit your love for the right way

Then why do you complain

Isn’t this how you prepared your brain?

You collect certificates to get a job

I warn you, one day you will all sob

When your sons and daughters will tell you their dream

And you will tell a tale how you couldn’t follow yours in the scheme

For every guitar player that stops strumming and picks up the ‘character datatype’ strings

The world loses another artist to the suicide song he sings


A world where we all get so mean

To nowhere, our hearts lean

Where have the young innocent thoughts been?

When did death call the teen

How will the world survive

With our corrupt minds on a long lonely drive

Have close friends five

Find out what you thrive

A reason for being alive.

– Mahaveer Verma


A word about the poem:

This is my first ever poem. And I know this is too long to be qualified as a peom 😛 But that just happened. Oops 😛

And you might be feeling the poem hits a lot of negative feelings one can have about others, right? Sorry but that’s the most suitable way I decided to put forward what I notice around the world these days. At times, people are not being what they should be. The world is changing. Whether you like it or not. But at the same time, believe me when I say there is still ‘the good in the bad’. Yes, today, this poem reflects the bad in the good because you can’t always be happy about everything bad that happens. Sometimes you need to look the bad in the eye and challenge it.

So with a promise that the next time I write something, it will be about the sun that shines rather than the crying rains, see you next time :)

Hope you liked the poem and I hope I conveyed what I really meant to..


Mahaveer Verma

I am a tech minded blogger, engineering student, designer, hobbyist, pluviophile and a learner :) Stay connected to this blog to know more about me and my life experiments.

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