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Zillion Roads Not Taken

Some deserve, some don’t.

Some get, some don’t.

Some try, while some don’t.

    – Random thoughts

So you only live once. What you do with this one life is the big question. A question, the answer of which unfolds slower than seasons changing but faster than bullets racing. What do you dream of? Or what have you dreamt so far? And did you get what you dreamt of?

Ask a kid and he wants to be an astronaut, a pilot, a scientist. Ask a B.Tech student and he has no answer. Sometimes I wonder what went between “I have so many life career options” and “I’m an engineering student”.. What I mean to say is that there was supposed to be some time for us to choose what we wanted to be, and I think somewhere, we just slept through the time and followed the wind. 20 years of life and most of us didn’t exactly find the right road to follow. Well, some did.. (more…)


Never Known, Never Will

Guest author James Ryder writes…


That dusk upon us, the soft rock beneath us…

Never known, a face more divine

A smile so perfect, loved to be the reason

Her hair so elegant

The winds that it swirled, would give anything to be in its way

A Voice so sweet and smooth

In her whisper I heard, the sound of elixir

Her eyes so fine

Lucky was me, when I pleased her sight

So wonderful it was, just the thought of being

The thought of having (more…)


Xmas Couldn’t Have Been More ‘Xmasy’

Christmas, the ‘Ram Navami’ for Christians (going by definition), the festival of joy, decoration, gifts, Santa and what not. Sorry if I make any incorrect reference or statement about Christmas rituals because I am no Christian and nowhere near Christianity. Yeah once upon a time I studied in St. Xavier’s school. Actually I started my education there and studied for 3 years. ( KG to 2nd standard ^_^ )

I have some faint memories of what it meant to be in a Christian school those days. In a small town of West Bengal, that was a time where traffic didn’t bother, the size of your vehicle didn’t matter. I don’t remember if my school was far from my home or near. Well, I don’t even remember where either of those were 😛 I remember we used to get Christmas holidays which is equivalent to winter vacations for non-christian schools. But it wasn’t that the school remained totally inactive during the holidays, instead they prepared for Christmas!





So its been a busy week for me and in fact everyone at my college. Exams.

5 hours of sleep a day, no idea how many hours of study, an hour of day-dreaming, a ‘do I still have my i-card?’ moment, 3 hours of writing supplementary sheets and ‘one’ pen is what it takes to be me surviving exams. For others, probably the only difference is 0-2 hours of sleep a day and a ‘where IS my i-card!?!’ moment. Oh and sometimes zero pens.

And after 8 such 1.5x faster days including a Sunday break, here we are. 5/8 semesters far from the first day at college. 3/8 near to the last. I don’t know which one to celebrate though… Its more like a birthday you see. (more…)


Thanks Maggi!

Disclaimer: This article was supposed to be live before the ban on Maggi got lifted, but I just got a little ‘too’ late in completing it! But that’s no reason to stop me from writing it anyways so for the moment, just assume a situation where Maggi just isn’t back yet 😉


Those rainy days when I didn’t have my umbrella with me, those ultimate moments when nothing else made me happy, those wonderful days when I waited to be home, the first thing I learned to cook, when there was nothing else, there always was… Maggi.

Not me, this is the voice of all those people, all those kids, all those youngsters and all those moms who had Maggi on their kitchen shelves. Except for moms, it was indeed the first thing a huge population of India would have learned to cook, keeping aside the fact that there wasn’t much cooking involved 😛 So today its not ‘me’ that would be writing this, its ‘we’ right?


Beatutiful Rains

Rains, Sisters, Mathematics

June, 16th.

Clear sky, hot summer, vacation time. I was working on a team project at my friend’s home. It wasn’t unusual for me this vacation to be busy, working. In the past 1 month I was busy (read enjoying) with my sister’s wedding. Today, I was busy on a project. Just as we were getting started with the project, my friend gets a call. It was regarding our semester 4 results. Yeah, you can check the date again, its June 16 I’m talking about!

So we packed the project work and ran straight for a cab to Nirma. After all it was the ‘suspense of the month’ moment. All those core subjects studied this semester, but my mind was on the one subject that we had all studied since we were born. A subject, the last version of which was taught to us this sem. Yes. Mathematics. Maybe I was more than curious to know how my last Mathematics exam would result.

AC cab, college visit after a month, what else do you need to forget the heat outside the cab huh? It felt like August. Cool, kind of rainy… or maybe it was just my imagination. (more…)



“Not today.”

– Almost every human

Procrastination is not what it seems. You would say its the tendency to delay things. It is, right? Yes. What you would not say is that procrastination isn’t just about delaying things, delaying your work or judgments, its about ignoring your life.

We sometimes ignore the small things in our lives that make us human. The mistakes we make, all the wrong calls, all the incomplete sentences, all the dreams we never fulfilled, life is full of things we delay. We delay them beyond a point where their existence becomes a question.

Like me, I wanted to write a story on Maggi and how someone like me misses it. But voila! Maggi is back already! How do you write a song on separation when you are back together?.. You don’t! (more…)

clock wallpaper

Not There Yet

Very complicated.

Ask me, when it comes to making decisions in your life, there are times that make you think too much to come to the right decision. And then there are those times when you don’t think at all and make the right decision. And then there are those, when you overthink a situation and lose the ‘right’ time.

Not that life is meant to be simple.. because it isn’t. Life is full of those turns that you make because you have to in order to reach your destiny or because you need to or because someone else did. Maybe because someone leads you there. You never know how influencing people can be. You like it. You regret it. You want to forget it. You want to remember it. And sometimes you just don’t know what is wrong with your life! But you still take the turn. I would.