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“Not today.”

– Almost every human

Procrastination is not what it seems. You would say its the tendency to delay things. It is, right? Yes. What you would not say is that procrastination isn’t just about delaying things, delaying your work or judgments, its about ignoring your life.

We sometimes ignore the small things in our lives that make us human. The mistakes we make, all the wrong calls, all the incomplete sentences, all the dreams we never fulfilled, life is full of things we delay. We delay them beyond a point where their existence becomes a question.

Like me, I wanted to write a story on Maggi and how someone like me misses it. But voila! Maggi is back already! How do you write a song on separation when you are back together?.. You don’t!

“You never wait for the right time. You take that moment and make it the right time.”

– Few wise people in my life


Procrastination can be good too. Sometimes it saves you the hassle of taking up a wrong path, failing and returning back to the beginning. But those are some special cases you know. Because I would say its more important to learn why you fail in order to really succeed. Well, sometimes you just get late and miss the opportunity to fail! Thanks procrastination!

At this time of the year, every smart mind of India, aged around 18-22 is busy with their end semester exam preparation or maybe some are done with them already. And when we talk about procrastination, we can’t just leave around those engineers who define it!

Friend 1: Have you started EMT?

Me: Not today!

Friend 2: Here’s an EMT rap by me 😛 Link: (Totally off topic but I just wanted to share it!)

Yea.. engineers, huh!

You remember the last time I talked about exams in one of my blogs here? The one with an exam of ‘Elements of Electrical Engineering’? (Link here: 60 Days in Nirma) A lot has changed about exams since that day. Apart from the fact that you need to pass it, of course.

People and their hair styles have changed. Subjects and faculties have changed. Friends.. I don’t really know if anything has changed there or just grown..

I have even procrastinated friendship in a way. There are people who’ve made 2nd entries in my life to make me realize that they meant something more than the others. And sometimes I tried to make 2nd attempts at knowing people. Sometimes I failed, sometimes I left the situation. In special cases, ‘we’ returned again and again and failed again and again. Or mostly it was lack of coordination. Or sometimes people are just meant to be gone… not delayed, just gone.

Every time is right time to realize that you have been wasting it 😉

We all have a sticky note in our lives. The note which starts off blank. Then we fill it with a job. Then another.. and another. We keep adding things to our plate because our sticky note can handle it. Only sometimes we can’t. Its not good to let down a responsibility that you have. Procrastination? Maybe, maybe not.

do not wait until tomorrow

I have lots of things on my sticky note too. Some things that are important to me, some that are just my responsibilities. It would be a lie if I say that I am not procrastinating things at the moment. Because I indeed am. But you know there are always those things in life that are meant to be delayed beyond a limit where their existence can be questioned. Not because you get to do one thing less than what you need to, but because sometimes its worth wasting some time and leave the rest to your fate.. or I should say your future self 😛 because nothing is really solved by fate alone, is it? 😀

Procrastinators are gonna procrastinate! eh 😛

Oh. About the Maggi article… its coming 😉

Mahaveer Verma

I am a tech minded blogger, engineering student, designer, hobbyist, pluviophile and a learner :) Stay connected to this blog to know more about me and my life experiments.

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