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So its been a busy week for me and in fact everyone at my college. Exams.

5 hours of sleep a day, no idea how many hours of study, an hour of day-dreaming, a ‘do I still have my i-card?’ moment, 3 hours of writing supplementary sheets and ‘one’ pen is what it takes to be me surviving exams. For others, probably the only difference is 0-2 hours of sleep a day and a ‘where IS my i-card!?!’ moment. Oh and sometimes zero pens.

And after 8 such 1.5x faster days including a Sunday break, here we are. 5/8 semesters far from the first day at college. 3/8 near to the last. I don’t know which one to celebrate though… Its more like a birthday you see. (more…)


Cake, Friendship, Birthday & Other Never Fading Memories

I would have not got the chance to write this if that one person hadn’t come just 5 minutes late on the 2nd day of our college orientation program. I can imagine a movie like scene where he would be hurrying from his hostel room to reach college on time only to be late… Little did I know or he knew that in that hurry, the seat he chose to sit was the one next to me in the 2nd row. It was the 2nd seat from left that he chose. I was in the 3rd one, if I remember it correctly. (more…)