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Of Old Songs And New People

There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all

– “In my life”, The Beatles.

How do I begin this one.. Hmm.. Sometimes the most difficult step one has to take is the first one. Like literally, while your age is still counted in months and when you don’t have enough words in your vocabulary yet, that’s the most difficult step right? To get up and start walking. And the day we start walking is the day our elders realize, “The kid has potential ha.” And then it just never stops. Did you think of *that* when you were learning how to take your first step? Nah, you were more like “Yay, watch me fall on my face”.

And that’s life.

Much of life is short term. And as John Maynard Keynes said, “In the long run, we’re all dead”. Well he probably meant to infer something about economics of the world and stuff but we can use a fancy quote anywhere 😛 (more…)

Interns - Nvidia 2k17

The Internship (Sort of)

Just like every of my other recent stories, this one will begin with the mandatory “It’s been long since I last wrote.” 😛 I’ll then say that it has been like what 1,2,3.. well 6 months since I wrote 😛 Then I’ll move on to saying about things that happened these last 6 months. That’s the essence of my every usual story, I know 😉

This one will be no different. So now that I’ve already cleared the air and said what I’ll be saying about, let me start saying it 😛

Well most of the people reading this already know enough about me to know that this year is the year I complete my engineering. For the new people in my life and/or my blog, first of all, a warm welcome :) And second of all, well I’ve already mentioned that this year is when I complete my engineering 😛

So what happened these last 6 months that’s worth sharing? What happened is the most common thing in any engineering student’s life when you think of “6 months” 😛 Plus the title is a giveaway. Yea I had my final year internship :) (more…)


Xmas Couldn’t Have Been More ‘Xmasy’

Christmas, the ‘Ram Navami’ for Christians (going by definition), the festival of joy, decoration, gifts, Santa and what not. Sorry if I make any incorrect reference or statement about Christmas rituals because I am no Christian and nowhere near Christianity. Yeah once upon a time I studied in St. Xavier’s school. Actually I started my education there and studied for 3 years. ( KG to 2nd standard ^_^ )

I have some faint memories of what it meant to be in a Christian school those days. In a small town of West Bengal, that was a time where traffic didn’t bother, the size of your vehicle didn’t matter. I don’t remember if my school was far from my home or near. Well, I don’t even remember where either of those were 😛 I remember we used to get Christmas holidays which is equivalent to winter vacations for non-christian schools. But it wasn’t that the school remained totally inactive during the holidays, instead they prepared for Christmas!


Beatutiful Rains

Rains, Sisters, Mathematics

June, 16th.

Clear sky, hot summer, vacation time. I was working on a team project at my friend’s home. It wasn’t unusual for me this vacation to be busy, working. In the past 1 month I was busy (read enjoying) with my sister’s wedding. Today, I was busy on a project. Just as we were getting started with the project, my friend gets a call. It was regarding our semester 4 results. Yeah, you can check the date again, its June 16 I’m talking about!

So we packed the project work and ran straight for a cab to Nirma. After all it was the ‘suspense of the month’ moment. All those core subjects studied this semester, but my mind was on the one subject that we had all studied since we were born. A subject, the last version of which was taught to us this sem. Yes. Mathematics. Maybe I was more than curious to know how my last Mathematics exam would result.

AC cab, college visit after a month, what else do you need to forget the heat outside the cab huh? It felt like August. Cool, kind of rainy… or maybe it was just my imagination. (more…)

Minions on vacation

Things I Did This Vacation – Summer 2014

Its been about 2 months since my last semester’s exams ended. And for the past 2 months I and everyone from my college have been enjoying a nice break from the busy college hustle.

There’s one thing important that everyone does in their vacations – something interesting. And at the end of the vacation, if you are suddenly bombarded by a simple question about what you did the last summer, in my case I would normally take a few seconds and say – ‘nothing much’. Then I myself would think – ‘Really?’ And that would end up with me struggling to remember every small or large thing I did during the vacations. (more…)


Cake, Friendship, Birthday & Other Never Fading Memories

I would have not got the chance to write this if that one person hadn’t come just 5 minutes late on the 2nd day of our college orientation program. I can imagine a movie like scene where he would be hurrying from his hostel room to reach college on time only to be late… Little did I know or he knew that in that hurry, the seat he chose to sit was the one next to me in the 2nd row. It was the 2nd seat from left that he chose. I was in the 3rd one, if I remember it correctly. (more…)