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Reading my old diary

Reading My Old Diary

“Write simple”, I said to myself.

But its difficult now. Knowing that you’re reading it. Acknowledging that someone right now is reading what I wrote resting on my bed, next to a charging point, sipping through a cup of tea just like every normal evening. I can almost feel you watching through the reflections of the mirror in the room, just like Aberforth watching over Mr. Potter.

Even though I don’t like sharing personal information, I’ve told you enough. And now I feel like you’d know me, know a part of me, know what I’m thinking right now, know what I’m feeling right now. Or maybe you still only know what I want you to know, right?

But its all in my head, I convince myself. That way, I can keep my focus on writing what I want to, share whatever I want to. By imagining that nobody is gonna read it… even though I want you to. And I know you are, aren’t you.. right now? That’s the writer’s dilemma. You want people to read you. You want people to say “You write so good!” and yet you don’t want their acknowledgement and their existence to affect your next writings. Same for me, I like it when people tell me that they read my blogs. And I guess it’s the writer’s skills on how he tackles this dilemma and continues to write..

Me, I’m solving it by temporarily imagining that this is just a piece of writing that’ll go straight to my diary. Yes I keep one. Since June 27th this year.


Just a moment.

That’s a nice song playing in my collection. Let me copy this to my favourites playlist. (more…)


An Year Has Gone, An Year To Go

4th June 2014, that’s today. 4th June 2013, that was last year. Somewhere, somehow, something may have happened that day in my life, in everyone’s life. I remember the first rains in Ahmedabad last year which stuck thunder at about 9 PM on a day which I have not forgotten yet, maybe time will fade my memories but I’ll type it before it fades off…

Last year, the sun was as bright as it is today, though theoretically the degrees were lower. The moon was as hidden as today, just because there wasn’t much time in our busy lives to gaze at it. Yes it still exists, shining all over us. Last year, I was at my home, today, I am again at my home, well actually I have always been at my home. Last year, I used to message my friends on Facebook, this year is no different.