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Xmas Couldn’t Have Been More ‘Xmasy’

Christmas, the ‘Ram Navami’ for Christians (going by definition), the festival of joy, decoration, gifts, Santa and what not. Sorry if I make any incorrect reference or statement about Christmas rituals because I am no Christian and nowhere near Christianity. Yeah once upon a time I studied in St. Xavier’s school. Actually I started my education there and studied for 3 years. ( KG to 2nd standard ^_^ )

I have some faint memories of what it meant to be in a Christian school those days. In a small town of West Bengal, that was a time where traffic didn’t bother, the size of your vehicle didn’t matter. I don’t remember if my school was far from my home or near. Well, I don’t even remember where either of those were 😛 I remember we used to get Christmas holidays which is equivalent to winter vacations for non-christian schools. But it wasn’t that the school remained totally inactive during the holidays, instead they prepared for Christmas!