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Last 60 Days in Nirma – A Good Bye Note

3 and a half years.

So it’s really been that long since I wrote about my first 60 days in Nirma: First 60 Days of My Journey in Nirma

To think of it, reading that post again makes me wonder how true it is when we mock the theory of relativity saying that time flies when you’re enjoying.. It almost feels like yesterday when we had to come to Nirma on Saturdays for ‘Yoga’ classes and how we used to play basketball before Yoga.. When we made our very first ‘electronics’ project 😛 All those water level indicators and electronic dices 😉 When we used to buy our so called ‘tut-pages’ and yea those semi-log sheets… and how we then turned to not buying them and instead borrowing one from our friend who borrowed two from his friend who had three and God knows if anyone of us actually bought any tut-pages or graph papers anymore and maybe it was just a glitch in the law of conservation of material 😛 Of course, there’s this other glitch where even if nobody from your batch has their files complete, and even though nobody neither knows the answer to any of the lab questions nor does anyone have any source to find answers from… somehow every single student of your batch will still get their files complete and signed the same day 😉

It feels like yesterday.. (more…)


Quotient of Irrelevant Happiness

So.. What’s up?

Nothing much?

Well, same here…


Its been a long time since I last wrote and to be more precise since I last completed writing something. Because as a matter of fact, I have 2 ‘Untitled’ posts that I have been working on since looooong!


See this? June! And I have not yet been able to complete it. Have I been busy? Well, I don’t know. Have I lost interest in writing? Nooooo, I don’t think so.

I think its because I am finding it more and more difficult to correctly express myself nowadays. The moment you realise that there would be eyeballs reading this very story of yours, staring… judging your intellect by your grammar 😛 , it gets under your skin… sometimes at least for sure. The other times, it’s the best motivation to write. What more does an artist want than some patient audience? (more…)