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Last 60 Days in Nirma – A Good Bye Note

3 and a half years.

So it’s really been that long since I wrote about my first 60 days in Nirma: First 60 Days of My Journey in Nirma

To think of it, reading that post again makes me wonder how true it is when we mock the theory of relativity saying that time flies when you’re enjoying.. It almost feels like yesterday when we had to come to Nirma on Saturdays for ‘Yoga’ classes and how we used to play basketball before Yoga.. When we made our very first ‘electronics’ project 😛 All those water level indicators and electronic dices 😉 When we used to buy our so called ‘tut-pages’ and yea those semi-log sheets… and how we then turned to not buying them and instead borrowing one from our friend who borrowed two from his friend who had three and God knows if anyone of us actually bought any tut-pages or graph papers anymore and maybe it was just a glitch in the law of conservation of material 😛 Of course, there’s this other glitch where even if nobody from your batch has their files complete, and even though nobody neither knows the answer to any of the lab questions nor does anyone have any source to find answers from… somehow every single student of your batch will still get their files complete and signed the same day 😉

It feels like yesterday.. (more…)

Reading my old diary

Reading My Old Diary

“Write simple”, I said to myself.

But its difficult now. Knowing that you’re reading it. Acknowledging that someone right now is reading what I wrote resting on my bed, next to a charging point, sipping through a cup of tea just like every normal evening. I can almost feel you watching through the reflections of the mirror in the room, just like Aberforth watching over Mr. Potter.

Even though I don’t like sharing personal information, I’ve told you enough. And now I feel like you’d know me, know a part of me, know what I’m thinking right now, know what I’m feeling right now. Or maybe you still only know what I want you to know, right?

But its all in my head, I convince myself. That way, I can keep my focus on writing what I want to, share whatever I want to. By imagining that nobody is gonna read it… even though I want you to. And I know you are, aren’t you.. right now? That’s the writer’s dilemma. You want people to read you. You want people to say “You write so good!” and yet you don’t want their acknowledgement and their existence to affect your next writings. Same for me, I like it when people tell me that they read my blogs. And I guess it’s the writer’s skills on how he tackles this dilemma and continues to write..

Me, I’m solving it by temporarily imagining that this is just a piece of writing that’ll go straight to my diary. Yes I keep one. Since June 27th this year.


Just a moment.

That’s a nice song playing in my collection. Let me copy this to my favourites playlist. (more…)

Beatutiful Rains

Rains, Sisters, Mathematics

June, 16th.

Clear sky, hot summer, vacation time. I was working on a team project at my friend’s home. It wasn’t unusual for me this vacation to be busy, working. In the past 1 month I was busy (read enjoying) with my sister’s wedding. Today, I was busy on a project. Just as we were getting started with the project, my friend gets a call. It was regarding our semester 4 results. Yeah, you can check the date again, its June 16 I’m talking about!

So we packed the project work and ran straight for a cab to Nirma. After all it was the ‘suspense of the month’ moment. All those core subjects studied this semester, but my mind was on the one subject that we had all studied since we were born. A subject, the last version of which was taught to us this sem. Yes. Mathematics. Maybe I was more than curious to know how my last Mathematics exam would result.

AC cab, college visit after a month, what else do you need to forget the heat outside the cab huh? It felt like August. Cool, kind of rainy… or maybe it was just my imagination. (more…)

clock wallpaper

Not There Yet

Very complicated.

Ask me, when it comes to making decisions in your life, there are times that make you think too much to come to the right decision. And then there are those times when you don’t think at all and make the right decision. And then there are those, when you overthink a situation and lose the ‘right’ time.

Not that life is meant to be simple.. because it isn’t. Life is full of those turns that you make because you have to in order to reach your destiny or because you need to or because someone else did. Maybe because someone leads you there. You never know how influencing people can be. You like it. You regret it. You want to forget it. You want to remember it. And sometimes you just don’t know what is wrong with your life! But you still take the turn. I would.



Ok! I’m Late, Here Is My Report On Community Service

I hope I don’t get in any serious trouble for being so late in submitting this report. Well, actually I am not late yet coz there isn’t any deadline declared as of yet.

Anyways I will be sending the report to the concerned authority by tomorrow 11:15 (I hope!)

What is the report?

Oh. Ya.

‘Community Services’ better known as the supplementary course of our 3rd semester curriculum (supplementary has a very deep meaning but lets cut it short and say you just need to pass it to pass.. and no credit involved. So 0 credit. Doesn’t add to your SPI or anything. That’s it. But you need to pass.) was the job given to us, 3rd sem students to serve the society… for 15 hours.


15 hours isn’t a big deal.

Only.. it should have been. At least I feel so.


Minions on vacation

Things I Did This Vacation – Summer 2014

Its been about 2 months since my last semester’s exams ended. And for the past 2 months I and everyone from my college have been enjoying a nice break from the busy college hustle.

There’s one thing important that everyone does in their vacations – something interesting. And at the end of the vacation, if you are suddenly bombarded by a simple question about what you did the last summer, in my case I would normally take a few seconds and say – ‘nothing much’. Then I myself would think – ‘Really?’ And that would end up with me struggling to remember every small or large thing I did during the vacations. (more…)


An Year Has Gone, An Year To Go

4th June 2014, that’s today. 4th June 2013, that was last year. Somewhere, somehow, something may have happened that day in my life, in everyone’s life. I remember the first rains in Ahmedabad last year which stuck thunder at about 9 PM on a day which I have not forgotten yet, maybe time will fade my memories but I’ll type it before it fades off…

Last year, the sun was as bright as it is today, though theoretically the degrees were lower. The moon was as hidden as today, just because there wasn’t much time in our busy lives to gaze at it. Yes it still exists, shining all over us. Last year, I was at my home, today, I am again at my home, well actually I have always been at my home. Last year, I used to message my friends on Facebook, this year is no different.



A 400m Race With Life

It was Thursday, 16th Jan 2014.

An ordinary thursday to start with, but an extra-ordinary one to end with…

It was the day of basketball selections for our branch team. The funny thing is, I decided to give it a try, even though all I had in the field of basketball was an astoundingly long on-field experience of … just 1 day.

Yup. just 1 day ago, I touched the ball and then there I was, trying to hit the basket while running in the field, surrounded by lots of expert eyes aiming at my mistakes while I aim for.. failure. OK OK. I was no average player and so I couldn’t make it to the team, but anyways I reminded myself of the fact that this was the first and last time in my life that I was ever going to try for fresher’s basketball team.

I guess you can be a fresher only once a lifetime 😛 unless you repeat the year or something which was surely not application to my case!

Whether I pass or fail, is not what I think about before trying something new. But yes, I do think about possibilities, about my interests, and I am sure from the next time I’ll think of many more things. Thanks to the 400m track I and my friend decided to have a race on…



2013… And Here We Are

When I started uploading this pic, Facebook asked me to say something about this pic… So here we go!

2013 – Just another year according to the Gregorian calendar they say. And its about to end they say.

Well, I guess its really 31st December isn’t it? And people all over are celebrating the day as the last day of the 365 day cycle… waiting eagerly for the next day to come with fresh new resolutions and a fresh new list of future expectations and dreams to fulfill.

Just like this year, I had dreams to fulfill last year too…

But what destiny chooses for a person is superior to his own dreams and wishes..


This year I got to learn that the importance of something can be understood better when you lose it. This year, I learnt that the only great thing about 12th standard marks was to get me to the college I am in right now and what turned out to be more important were my old school day habits that are still with me – respecting others, being humble and honest.

I still try my best to preserve the child in me…

I did’t regret remaining awake till 12 PM on my b’day making silent wishes that I get those last special b’day wishes because what I learnt that day was going to be with me for every other b’day I ever see in my life..

This year I learnt that friendship can’t be judged by a friend’s memory.. whether they remember your birthday or not is not what matters, what matters is that however bad their memory may be, they do know its importance in your life and they do mind making it special.

This year, 4th June wasn’t just the first time rains landed on Ahmedabad, but also a remarkable and memorable day or I should say night for me. Well, it seems to me that my life is connected directly with rains in some way or the other 😛

What happened that day? Well, that’s another secret which is best untold.

This year has been more of a negative experience for me but I won’t complain about it because I know I have got many good experiences and rewards too this year.

It seems to me that the goal to happiness is to neglect every negative element and keep looking the good. How long? Till you are finally broken into pieces and then you gather the pieces once again, smile at the devil and keep looking for good once again…

New land, new journey, fading away of old universe, this is what almost everyone of the ’95 or ’96 batch would have experienced with the concept of college brought to them. As I write this post, I am thinking of what my best of school friends would be doing now… And I am clueless…

Time to make a phone call I guess? Me too..


After walking long further on the roads, we all would have faced choices, and I too.. Maybe a few correct choices, maybe a few wrong ones. Mistakes make a man perfect I say.

This year… maybe it was different than 2012.. or maybe it wasn’t.. What’s in a year anyways? Good! Bad! Extremely bad?! Wonder! And what not!

This year… after having taught so many new real life algebra and geometry methods, has finally made way for the next year to teach some more calculus!?

This year… finally ends and here we are! From the different corners of the world, people look into the different corners of their hearts, looking for the bad inside to throw out, looking for the good to remember, looking for the traces of past that are worth a memory, looking out for what the crackers of midnight might bring to you.. tomorrow.. tomorrow when the sun of 1st January 2014 would shine brighter than any day, a world, an year that awaits you there.. tomorrow…

I hope you’re ready for the future, for tomorrow..

Happy New Year…