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2013… And Here We Are

When I started uploading this pic, Facebook asked me to say something about this pic… So here we go!

2013 – Just another year according to the Gregorian calendar they say. And its about to end they say.

Well, I guess its really 31st December isn’t it? And people all over are celebrating the day as the last day of the 365 day cycle… waiting eagerly for the next day to come with fresh new resolutions and a fresh new list of future expectations and dreams to fulfill.

Just like this year, I had dreams to fulfill last year too…

But what destiny chooses for a person is superior to his own dreams and wishes..


This year I got to learn that the importance of something can be understood better when you lose it. This year, I learnt that the only great thing about 12th standard marks was to get me to the college I am in right now and what turned out to be more important were my old school day habits that are still with me – respecting others, being humble and honest.

I still try my best to preserve the child in me…

I did’t regret remaining awake till 12 PM on my b’day making silent wishes that I get those last special b’day wishes because what I learnt that day was going to be with me for every other b’day I ever see in my life..

This year I learnt that friendship can’t be judged by a friend’s memory.. whether they remember your birthday or not is not what matters, what matters is that however bad their memory may be, they do know its importance in your life and they do mind making it special.

This year, 4th June wasn’t just the first time rains landed on Ahmedabad, but also a remarkable and memorable day or I should say night for me. Well, it seems to me that my life is connected directly with rains in some way or the other 😛

What happened that day? Well, that’s another secret which is best untold.

This year has been more of a negative experience for me but I won’t complain about it because I know I have got many good experiences and rewards too this year.

It seems to me that the goal to happiness is to neglect every negative element and keep looking the good. How long? Till you are finally broken into pieces and then you gather the pieces once again, smile at the devil and keep looking for good once again…

New land, new journey, fading away of old universe, this is what almost everyone of the ’95 or ’96 batch would have experienced with the concept of college brought to them. As I write this post, I am thinking of what my best of school friends would be doing now… And I am clueless…

Time to make a phone call I guess? Me too..


After walking long further on the roads, we all would have faced choices, and I too.. Maybe a few correct choices, maybe a few wrong ones. Mistakes make a man perfect I say.

This year… maybe it was different than 2012.. or maybe it wasn’t.. What’s in a year anyways? Good! Bad! Extremely bad?! Wonder! And what not!

This year… after having taught so many new real life algebra and geometry methods, has finally made way for the next year to teach some more calculus!?

This year… finally ends and here we are! From the different corners of the world, people look into the different corners of their hearts, looking for the bad inside to throw out, looking for the good to remember, looking for the traces of past that are worth a memory, looking out for what the crackers of midnight might bring to you.. tomorrow.. tomorrow when the sun of 1st January 2014 would shine brighter than any day, a world, an year that awaits you there.. tomorrow…

I hope you’re ready for the future, for tomorrow..

Happy New Year…