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Silent Wishes

Silent Wishes

Today is about someone.

I didn’t say “Today, it’s about someone” you see.

I didn’t say I am gonna ‘write this story’ about someone you see. There’s a thin line of difference between writing a story about someone and writing about someone.. writing for someone…

And a person is only as good as you think they are :) So imagine the best you can… and this person would be better to me. Will I be exaggerating? Yes I will be. But let it be this way, won’t you? If I have to make a person, I might as well make the best living thing 😉 (more…)


An Year Has Gone, An Year To Go

4th June 2014, that’s today. 4th June 2013, that was last year. Somewhere, somehow, something may have happened that day in my life, in everyone’s life. I remember the first rains in Ahmedabad last year which stuck thunder at about 9 PM on a day which I have not forgotten yet, maybe time will fade my memories but I’ll type it before it fades off…

Last year, the sun was as bright as it is today, though theoretically the degrees were lower. The moon was as hidden as today, just because there wasn’t much time in our busy lives to gaze at it. Yes it still exists, shining all over us. Last year, I was at my home, today, I am again at my home, well actually I have always been at my home. Last year, I used to message my friends on Facebook, this year is no different.